China Nonferrous (Shenyang) Pumps Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Nonferrous Metals Construction Company Limited, a subsidiary of China Nonferrous Mining Group, and is the designer and manufacturer of the first set of diaphragm pumps in China, as well as a professional research and development manufacturer of large diaphragm pumps in China. China Nonferrous Pumps has developed three series of diaphragm pumps with independent intellectual property rights: "double-cylinder double-acting, three-cylinder single-acting and four-cylinder single-acting", with 14 core technologies and 180 patents, which are key equipment for long-distance pipeline conveying and pressure jet feeding of solid-liquid two-phase media and are widely used in alumina, coal chemical industry, coal-water slurry, mine tailings, sludge and other slurry applications. It is widely used in long-distance pipeline conveying of alumina, coal chemical industry, coal-water slurry, mine tailings, sludge and other slurries, and in the field of solid-liquid two-phase medium conveying with strong corrosion and high viscosity.

We have established cooperation with many countries such as Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, Chile, Zambia, Tajikistan, Australia, Iran, Congo (Gold) and Jamaica. Our diaphragm pump products have been widely praised by domestic and foreign customers.


With the continuous expansion of the market and breakthroughs in performance, the brand awareness and corporate influence of Zhongshang Pump Industry are increasing day by day, and the core competitiveness has been significantly enhanced.

Over the years, Zhongshang Pump Industry has won many honors, and has been awarded as "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", National "High and New Technology Enterprise", "Innovative Small and Medium Enterprise in Liaoning Province", "Shenyang Informationization and Industrialization Integration Demonstration Enterprise", and National Industry Standard Formulation Enterprise. It has been awarded "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Innovative Small and Medium Enterprise of Liaoning Province", "Shenyang Informationization and Industrialization Integration Demonstration Enterprise", "National Industry Standard Formulation Enterprise", and its products have been awarded as national new products. First Prize, First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Shenyang City, Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Liaoning Province; the R&D platform was recognized as "Fluid Conveying Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center" by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, "Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Shenyang Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" and "Shenyang City Technology Center". "Shenyang Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" and "Shenyang Science and Technology Innovation Platform Fluid Conveying Equipment Engineering Technology Innovation Center".

The personnel structure of Zhongshang Pump Industry is reasonable and of excellent quality, with college degree or above accounting for 85% of the total number of employees. Science and technology research and development personnel accounted for 20% of the total number of employees, high-quality R & D team has become the backbone of the company's scientific and technological development, to create a number of diaphragm pump research and development as the core of the scientific and technological leadership team of talent.

"Hydraulic control laboratory, testing technology laboratory, the whole machine test laboratory" to promote product technology verification and technology upgrading has played an important role. The company's product development adopts French Dassault products, including CAD, CAE, CAPP, PDM and other systems; enterprise management is applied to OA, ERP and other platforms.


With more than 100 sets of metal cutting, metal forming and heat treatment equipment, Φ200, Φ250 and Φ260 large CNC floor boring and milling centers, five-axis machining centers, vertical machining centers, ABB welding robots, large gantry type three-coordinate measuring machines imported from Germany and other internationally famous brand equipment, China Color Pump can process large crankshafts, cases and high-precision components, ensuring the stability and reliability of product quality.

With a perfect quality and safety assurance system, we implement the whole process control from product development, design, production, installation to service, and have obtained "GB/T19001-2016 standard" quality management system, "GB/T24001-2016 standard" environmental management system and "GB/T24001-2016 standard" environmental management system. Environmental Management System" and "GB/T45001-2020 Standard" Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, and successfully obtained the title of "Safety Production Standardization Level 2 Enterprise".

The gentleman will not stop with self-improvement. More than ten years of wind and rain journey, Zhongshang pump industry has always adhered to the spirit of "integrity based, innovation to achieve far, excellent quality, brand for the country", adhering to the core values of "people-oriented, customer first, pragmatic, win-win cooperation", drawing on international advanced technology In the new development pattern of "taking diaphragm pump products as the core, contracting pump, pipe and valve turnkey projects, providing comprehensive pumping services, and building equipment R&D and manufacturing bases", we will go to a brighter future with the heroic posture of succession, and write a new story for the revitalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry. China equipment manufacturing industry revitalization to write a new chapter.


Environmental Management System Certificate (Chinese Edition)


Quality Management System Certification (Chinese Edition)


Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate (Chinese Edition)


Environmental Management System Certificate (English Version)


Quality Management System Certification (English Version)


Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate (English Version)




Enterprise spirit
"Integrity based, innovation and far-reaching, excellent quality, brand serving the country"

Integrity based on - "integrity" is the foundation of the enterprise, to be sincere, honest work, honest management, abide by the law, keep promises and keep promises.


Innovation and far-reaching - "innovation" is the soul of the enterprise, to give full play to the independent technology advantages of diaphragm pumps, lead the development of the industry, from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation.


Excellent quality - "quality" is the life of the enterprise, product quality, service quality, management quality must be in line with international standards, manufacturing quality projects


Brand to serve the country - "brand" is the essence of the enterprise, to grasp the times, do not forget the original intention, focus on the main business of CNMC diaphragm pump, let the national brand shine in the world.

Corporate core values
"People-oriented, customer first, pragmatic results, win-win cooperation"

People-oriented - from talent introduction to personnel training, people-centered, the realization of employees' self-worth, and the development goals of enterprises are integrated to achieve a win-win situation.


Customer first - customer-centric, accurately define customer needs, deeply understand customer ideas, quickly solve customer problems, and fully meet customer requirements.


Strive for practical results - give full play to the subjective initiative and creativity of the enterprise, to extract the refinement, really grasp the work, scrupulously fulfill the duty, and have the courage to contribute.


Win-win cooperation - build a complete and harmonious equipment manufacturing industry chain with partners, mutual benefit, win-win business opportunities, collaborative operations, and common development.

Corporate Mission

Lead the development of diaphragm pump industry and promote the take-off of national industry


By continuously creating the core main products of diaphragm pumps based on independent technology, we fulfill our responsibilities for the revitalization of the northeast manufacturing industry and the revitalization of the national industry, and highlight the pride and mission of the national brand.

Corporate vision

Keep up with the development of the group's main business and have the ability to compete with the world's advanced enterprises in the industry.


Strive to be excellent employees, create high-quality products, and create brand enterprises together.


Absorb the essence of international advanced science and technology, condense the wisdom of outstanding talents of enterprises, manufacture sophisticated high-end equipment, and dedicate high-quality brand products in the industry.