General Manager Qi Dongjie gave a briefing on the communication of party classes

We should learn from history, be prepared for danger in times of peace, immerse ourselves in hard work, and open up the future
--General Manager Qi Dongjie gave a lecture on the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee to party members and cadres

In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, on the afternoon of January 26, 2022, Comrade Qi Dongjie, general manager of CNMC Pump, gave a special party class for all party members of the operating party branch in the conference room on the second floor of the company's science and technology building, and Guo Feng, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, listened to the party class together with comrades of the Party and Mass Work Department.
General Manager Qi Dongjie explained in detail the core contents of the Resolution of the CPC Central Committee on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Centennial Struggle, and 10 "clear". He stressed: It is necessary to profoundly understand the party's glorious course, major achievements, and historical significance over the past 100 years, the party's historical experience of struggle over the past 100 years, and the importance of taking history as a lesson and opening up the future. Summarizing the historical experience of the party's centennial struggle and reviewing the ten-year development history of CNMC pump industry, Qi has clarified the direction and goal for the future development of CNMC pump industry.
General Manager Qi Dongjie pointed out: Although CNMC Pump completely stopped its huge losses for 6 years at the end of 2021, it turned losses into profits in adversity. However, combined with the reality of the pump industry, we still have to learn from history, be prepared for danger in peacetime, and continue to work hard in order to have better development in the future. To this end, internally, we must improve management, grasp product cost and quality control, grasp product performance rate, and quality control should start from market development; Externally, we must make efforts to open up the market, in accordance with the requirements of product internationalization, practice the spirit of General Secretary Xi's three instructions and instructions to the group company, so that CNMC's products can truly enter the international market. On this basis, clarify the positioning of the company, closely follow the main business of the group and shares, do a good job in machining research and development and localization of imported equipment, stabilize the diaphragm pump market, develop a series of general pumps, develop small project contracting with pump pipe valves as the leader, expand and extend service channels and varieties. CNMC pump industry should form a joint force from top to bottom, adhering to the enterprise spirit of honesty, innovation and far-reaching, excellent quality, brand serving the country, and strive to create a better tomorrow for CNMC pump industry!
After the party class, General Manager Qi Dongjie guided the party branch of the operation system to sort out the focus of party building work in 2022, and he required that party building work must be deeply integrated with business to strengthen innovation. The key work tasks and indicators of party organizations should be put on the wall and managed in a checklist. In 2022, as the year of strengthening the party building work of the pump company, the grassroots party organizations should deeply carry out the construction of standardized party branches, give full play to the role of the grassroots fighting fortress, and lead the company's high-quality development with high-quality party building work.

Contributed by CNMC Pump Industry Party and Mass Work Department
January 30, 2022



Briefing No. 2: The company's leadership team held a New Year greeting activity on the first day of construction

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is renewed. At 7:58 on January 28, 2023, Shao Nihua, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board, and Li Yuqiang, general manager, took the lead in igniting the New Year "opening cannon" of the pump company. With the roar of firecrackers, the pump company ushered in a new year, a new starting point, and a new hope. After the end of the "door opening gun", the company's leadership team went to various departments and production workshops to greet the New Year, cheering everyone and sending sincere greetings and New Year wishes. "Happy New Year! New Year's greetings to everyone! "Everywhere they went, members of the company's leadership team shook hands and talked with everyone, sending New Year wishes and the first rays of joy and warmth of the New Year.

Wu Weiping, deputy director of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, and his party visited the company for research and discussion

In the afternoon of June 29, 2022, Wu Weiping, deputy director of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, and his party visited the company to investigate the operation of the enterprise and held a discussion meeting. Li Yuqiang, general manager of Zhongshang Pump Industry, and other company leaders attended the discussion. The relevant persons in charge of business department, science and innovation department, industry and information bureau, financial bureau and Minsheng Bank accompanied the research.

China Nonferrous Metal (Shenyang) Pump Industry Co., Ltd. recruitment notice

1. Recruitment positions and number of positions 1 Vice Minister of Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection 2. Job responsibilities 1. Familiar with national and local guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, standards and systems related to environmental protection, occupational health and safety production. Assist the minister in environmental protection, occupational health and safety production, reduce and avoid risks, prevent accidents, and ensure the safe and smooth operation of the company's production and operation. 2. Assist the minister in establishing and improving the management system and workflow of environmental protection and energy conservation, occupational health, safety production and energy conservation and emission reduction, and assist the minister in the preparation, publicity, implementation and revision of the system process. 3. Assist the minister in organizing safety production inspections, special inspections, special supervision, safety production emergency plans, safety drills, etc., and conduct safety inspections of hazard sources, key areas and accident-prone places from time to time. Assist the minister in the investigation, analysis, summary and accountability of the company's extraordinarily large, major, large and general production safety accidents, and do a good job in handling accidents and work injuries.

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