Bulletin No. 4_CNMC Pump Successfully Held the First General Meeting of Members of the Trade Union (1)

CNMC Pump successfully held the first member representative meeting of the trade union


On February 22, 2022, the first member congress of the trade union of China Nonferrous Metal (Shenyang) Pump Industry Co., Ltd. was successfully held, and Liu Jianhui, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the trade union, and other members of the leadership team and all member representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Guo Feng, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.
At the meeting, the participants listened carefully to and deliberated the work report entitled "Deepening Service, Forging Ahead, and Composing a New Chapter of High-quality Development of the Company" made by Liu Jianhui, chairman of the trade union. The report objectively and comprehensively summarizes the work of the trade union in 2021, and plans and arranges the work priorities in 2022. Chairman Liu Jianhui stressed that trade unions should adhere to the party's leadership, give full play to the role of the working class as the main force, and ensure the efficient completion of various production and operation tasks. It is necessary to work around the center of the enterprise and the masses of workers, and strengthen the ideological construction, organizational construction, and cultural construction of the workers. And call on all employees to take the initiative, take the initiative, work hard, forge ahead, and write a new chapter for the high-quality development of CNMC pump industry.
Subsequently, the congress adopted the election method (draft) and the proposed list of superintendent voters, scrutineers and tellers, and elected the members of the first trade union committee and the fund review committee by secret ballot. Seven comrades, Bu Dexu, Wang Fan, You Xiaohong, Sun Danlong, Zhang Yongqin, Zhang Wei and Dong Zhe, were elected as members of the first trade union committee, and Zheng Dan, Zhang Yu and Huang Lin were elected as members of the first fund review committee.
The smooth convening of this member representative meeting fully reflects the true will of all members, embodies the bridge role of trade union organizations, and lays a solid foundation for the future organization and high-quality development of CNMC Pump Industry.




Briefing No. 2: The company's leadership team held a New Year greeting activity on the first day of construction

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is renewed. At 7:58 on January 28, 2023, Shao Nihua, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board, and Li Yuqiang, general manager, took the lead in igniting the New Year "opening cannon" of the pump company. With the roar of firecrackers, the pump company ushered in a new year, a new starting point, and a new hope. After the end of the "door opening gun", the company's leadership team went to various departments and production workshops to greet the New Year, cheering everyone and sending sincere greetings and New Year wishes. "Happy New Year! New Year's greetings to everyone! "Everywhere they went, members of the company's leadership team shook hands and talked with everyone, sending New Year wishes and the first rays of joy and warmth of the New Year.

Wu Weiping, deputy director of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, and his party visited the company for research and discussion

In the afternoon of June 29, 2022, Wu Weiping, deputy director of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, and his party visited the company to investigate the operation of the enterprise and held a discussion meeting. Li Yuqiang, general manager of Zhongshang Pump Industry, and other company leaders attended the discussion. The relevant persons in charge of business department, science and innovation department, industry and information bureau, financial bureau and Minsheng Bank accompanied the research.

China Nonferrous Metal (Shenyang) Pump Industry Co., Ltd. recruitment notice

1. Recruitment positions and number of positions 1 Vice Minister of Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection 2. Job responsibilities 1. Familiar with national and local guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, standards and systems related to environmental protection, occupational health and safety production. Assist the minister in environmental protection, occupational health and safety production, reduce and avoid risks, prevent accidents, and ensure the safe and smooth operation of the company's production and operation. 2. Assist the minister in establishing and improving the management system and workflow of environmental protection and energy conservation, occupational health, safety production and energy conservation and emission reduction, and assist the minister in the preparation, publicity, implementation and revision of the system process. 3. Assist the minister in organizing safety production inspections, special inspections, special supervision, safety production emergency plans, safety drills, etc., and conduct safety inspections of hazard sources, key areas and accident-prone places from time to time. Assist the minister in the investigation, analysis, summary and accountability of the company's extraordinarily large, major, large and general production safety accidents, and do a good job in handling accidents and work injuries.

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